A Quick Guide To Floridian Fauna

On April 6, 2012 by Kevin Forde

Dolphins and the sunset

If your day is spent pottering around various parts of the UK or Ireland, chances are you won’t have seen many types of exotic animals outside of a zoo or a Richard Attenborough documentary. You’ve got cats, dogs the occasional funny looking human and the truly exotic catfish and that’s about it. Then there’s Florida which has all kinds of indigenous fauna and features everything from crocodiles to giant anthropomorphic mice.

So if you take a look around the area, not only will you see top quality theme parks and Florida dream villas, you also might spot some of these creatures.

Marine Mammals

Florida has all sorts of kinds of varieties of marine mammals.  Dolphins can be found all over Florida – though principally in areas where the water to land ratio is high – and there are many places such as Discovery Cove and Marineland which offer you the splendid feeling of swimming with dolphins. You probably won’t find many places offering opportunities to swim with the short-finned pilot whale which can sometimes be seen in groups of 15 – 50 in deep waters off the coast of Florida. You’ll also find a few other types of whale and even the West Indian Manatee trundling its way about the ocean.


Back on land there’s a whole host of four-legged long-tongued creatures that crawl with total disregard for societal conventions.  These include alligators and crocodiles which can be seen in the splendidly named Gatorland.  Then there’s the pit vipers which are some of the most venomous in the US.  Probably best not to get them angry. On the more friendly side of things, there’s the leatherback sea turtles and the indigo snake which is quite large but completely non-venomous.


If you’re looking for mammals, Florida has all sorts; panthers, otters and even a few humans, though some are more plastic than person. If you keep your eyes peeled you might also spot some wild boar, coyote and nine-banded armadillos roaming along the Floridian plains.


There are quite a few species which differentiate tropical climates like Florida from Romford and one of them is its population of animals minus a backbone. These include the completely killer Africanized bees, cockroaches and the praying mantis.


For keen bird watchers Florida can also offer you a host of winged creatures to watch. Birds with names such as snail kite, osprey, white and brown pelicans  and sandhill cranes populate the Floridian skies as well as few of their trees.  Some of the best birding locations include Sanibel Island, the Everglades National Park and Apalachicola National Forest in the east of the state.