A Wax Filled History of Saint Augustine

On January 22, 2012 by Kevin Forde

Many people head for the more iconic hotspots on their holidays to Florida and perhaps miss out on the more cerebral delights that await them away from the theme parks and beach babes.  One of the best and most often overlooked areas of Florida is the splendid history soaked wonder that is Saint Augustine.  If you like your cities old and your history bountiful, you’ll love Saint Augustine.

You see Augustine just happens to be America’s oldest city. It was formed around 42 years before the English decided that Jamestown was the best place to start a colony and 55 years before the pilgrims landed on a rock named Plymouth.

Here are some of the topper-most attractions in this most Saintly of cities.

Castillo de San Marco

Back in the midst of time when men were men and women were glorified slaves, before the suffragette movement, the civil rights movement and McDonald’s McRib sandwich gave us a new way to kill ourselves there came Castillo de San Marco (see pic above). Those of you with even the most basic grasp of Spanish will surely know that the monument was built to protect and defend Spain’s claims in the Newest of Worlds. Though caught up in some ferocious fisticuffs the monument was never defeated in battle. Some 330 years later it’s still standing, as proud as the nation it saw rise around it and as scarred as the most pockmarked of teenagers. You can re-live its glorious and bloody history too, right now, just click here for more information.

Potter’s Wax Museum

Here’s a treat for those of you who like famous people and love of wax. It’s the first ever wax museum  to be opened in America. It started life way back in  1949 and many of its most famous early residents had to be flown over from the far more waxually advanced plains of Europe, many inhabiting their own seats. The museum features over 160 still-life figures, including sports men, actors and politicians, oh, and Arnold Schwarzenegger who technically counts as all three.

The Lightner Museum

It being a historic town and all it should come as no surprise that history based museums are all the rage in Augustine and one of its best is the Lightner Museum. Here you can explore the relics of America’s Gilded Age across three antique filled floors.  It houses costumes, furnishings, musical instruments and all other sorts of wondrous delights.

And that’s it. These are just a trace of the tip of the delights that Saint Augustine has got to offer, so why not book a holiday soon and find out more about one of America’s most history drenched wonders?