Baby Dolphin is Born at SeaWorld

On July 10, 2012 by Nelson Fernandez

Baby Dolphin

A Baby Dolphin is debatably on of the most adorable things on no legs – dolphins are about the cutest things one can find in the water, and especially when they are still calves.

One of these cuddly creatures was born at SeaWorld Orlando on Saturday, June 30, and it already can be spotted at the theme park’s Dolphin Nursery – the place to be for a pregnant dolphin, dolphin mums with their calves and experienced mothers.

This new bottlenose dolphin calf hasn’t got a name yet – or even a sex, which by the time this article was written, wasn’t determined – but its mum answers by the beautiful name of Starkey.

Starkey, who now has the remarkable number of six kids, has joined another recent new mum in the park – Fable, a sea lion who has recently given birth to twins. Her case is extremely rare, since sea lions tend to have just a single baby at a time.

Getting back to the dolphin, females could bear a calf every two years, although their calving intervals are generally of three years – which tells us that Starkey is everything but a teenage mum.

Another fact to consider is that calves have unique characteristics that they lose when they grow up. For instance, they have darker colour than adults and feature vertical lines on their sides due to their earlier foetal position. After six months or so these marks should be gone.

We’re sure you’d love to show your children this charming baby dolphin. Considering that a calf may nurse for up to year and a half, you still have plenty of time to visit Starkey’s new baby at SeaWorld’s Dolphin Nursery.