Baby Sea Dragons Hatched at SeaWorld

On July 27, 2012 by Kennethrobinson

If you want to learn a thing or two about modern parenting, take a look at the sea dragons of SeaWorld Orlando. So secure and self-assured are these little blighters that they casually brush off the fact that some unkind marine biologist decided to classify their particular genus as ‘weedy sea dragons’. In fact, far from weedy, the male sea dragon is a pillar of strength; it falls to him to carry the fertilised eggs around with him until the time comes for him to take responsibility for birthing the young.

Naturally inhabiting the warm coastal waters around the south and west coasts of Australia, these alluring little creatures are fairly far removed from the classic dragons of myth. No fire breathing or village despoiling here, just a mature and egalitarian approach to the sharing of parental duties. The female sea dragon deposits the eggs into a special patch under the male’s tail, he then swims around happily taking care of them for the next five to nine weeks, gleefully fertilising them as he goes.

Just such a process took place recently at SeaWorld, where in June one of the females there laid around 100 eggs that are now finally coming full term and beginning to hatch. This is such a special occurrence because there have only ever been four aquariums in the US that have managed to successfully breed weedy sea dragons and this is the very first time any sea dragon eggs have hatched within any of the SeaWorld parks.

If you are planning to visit SeaWorld Orlando with Florida Holidays and would like perhaps to catch a glimpse of the petite parents, the weedy sea dragons can be found in aquarium that forms part of the queuing area for the Manta roller coaster.