Cheap Eats in Miami – Miami Spice Restaurant Month

On July 2, 2012 by Nelson Fernandez

cheap eats in Miami Chopsticks for Nobu Matsuhisa

You might have heard of Nobu, a top restaurant and celebrity hotspot in Miami Beach. The place is named after Nobu Matsuhisa, regarded as the world’s greatest sushi chef. Robert De Niro is one of its investors, which means having A-listers aplenty among its customers. Bizarrely, right now this delectable diner is in any list list of cheap eats in Miami. How come? Read on.

How much would you think dining at Nobu would cost you? If I tell you that this would be about $30 you may think I’m forgetting a couple of zeroes. But I haven’t, this is the ridiculous price you will pay during the Miami Spice Restaurant Month, from August 1 to September 30 2012.

The festival promotes a wide array of top restaurants showcasing the best of Floridian cuisine. It features restaurants ranging from the extravagantly luxurious to the modest. During these two months you could enjoy three-course meals at amazing venues for $19 or $23 if you go at lunchtime, or $33 or £39 if you opt for dinner. So you can have cheap eats in Miami at top restaurants.

Miami’s cosmopolitan vibe is clearly present in its cuisine, which is heavily influenced by Caribbean, South American, European and Asian cultures. The international cuisine of Miami includes Cuban, Haitian, Colombian, Indian, Thai, Peruvian, Japanese, Argentinean and many more. Now you have the opportunity to enjoy this epicurean experience at very reasonable prices.