The Best Florida Beach Towns

On January 24, 2013 by Nelson Fernandez

We are going to reveal the best Florida beach towns. Best because they are really quiet, well off the beaten track. So let us tell you one thing: if you read this don’t go around telling people. These resorts might become massively popular and this post will be utterly pointless then. You can go there. And maybe the closest members of your family too. But that’s about it.

Best Florida Beach Towns #1: Cayo Costa


Best Florida Beach Towns Cayo Costa State Park

Florida is much more than alligators, art deco buildings and the menacing silhouette of the big smiley mouse. Have you ever thought about beach camping? OK, there aren’t many opportunities to do so in the Sunshine State, and you must book campgrounds in advance. However, this is definitely something you should try.

Among the best beach campsites is the one on Lacosta Island, also known as Cayo Costa State Park. The island, or key, remains pretty wild and untouched, nearly as it was a century ago. Although the campsite itself can get busy at times, the rest of the island is as peaceful as it gets.

If camping under the stars while listening to the effervescent sounds of the waves is your thing, Cayo Costa will be your place.

Best Florida Beach Towns #2: Apalachicola


Florida Beach Towns St Vincent Island

The Forgotten Coast, a stretch of shoreline of the Florida Panhandle, has this name for a reason: not many people go there. Apalichicola is there. Apart from having a weird name, this fishing town is renowned for its fantastic seafood and quality way of life.

When in Apalachicola, do as the Apalachicolans. That is, take your dog to the beach at St George Island, try your luck at fishing or go for a kayaking trip. The Old Time Soda Fountain, the Dixie Theatre and the Gibson Inn are the places to hang out. Just don’t expect a thriving nightlife.

Best Florida Beach Towns #3: St Pete Beach


best florida beach towns saint pete beach

Finally we’ve got St Pete Beach. Surrounded by islands and close to other idyllic spots such as Treasure Island, Redington Beach or Madeira Beach, St Pete is ideal for a relaxing holiday in Florida. Here you’ll find picturesque beachfront homes, superb seafood restaurants and ice cream shops built in the shape of an ice cream cone. Old Florida, for you. Old and quiet Florida.