Florida Lighthouses: A Tale of Tall Buildings

On January 23, 2013 by Kevin Forde
Florida Lighthouses Hillsboro Inlet

Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse

You don’t get an abundance of lighthouses everywhere. Usually the region requires a coastline, plenty of ocean and some lighthouses. The last one is really important. Florida, as you might have guessed, has all of these things. Most of the lighthouse are also considerable tourist attractions. Lighthouses like…

Ponce de Leon: Ponce de Leon Inlet

If you know your Floridian history then you know who this beast was named after. If not you can read all about Ponce de Leon, explorer, mayor, human, in a previous post of ours. This particular house of light was completed back in 1887 and now stands proudly as the third tallest lighthouse in the US. Famously, the author Stephen Crane used the lighthouse as his beacon when the ship he was travelling on sank. He wrote The Open Boat about what happened to him. The lighthouse is open to the public and has its very own museum too, for all your cultural needs (based solely on this particular landmark).

St Augustine Lighthouse: Anastasia Island

Built in 1874 (the 19th century was a great time for lighthouses) the St Augustine lighthouse sits on the north end of Anastasia Island. It is also haunted. Or at least that’s what the show Ghost Hunters says and who wouldn’t believe a show with a title like that? It is open to the public and offers some fabulous views of Florida.

Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse: Pompano Beach

Now for something slightly different. The Hillsboro lighthouse is a 142 foot skeleton (see photo above). Perhaps because it’s slightly exposed and looks a bit mad it is only occasionally open to the public. That hasn’t stopped it being a perennial tourist favourite.

Cape Canaveral Lighthouse: Cape Canaveral

The current Cape Canaveral lighthouse was constructed from previous lighthouses, sort of like recycled toilet paper or Joan Rivers’ face.  Nearby rocket launches have caused damage to the lighthouse and led to the occasional part to be replaced.  The Kennedy Space Center run tours to the building.

The Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse: Jupiter

No this is not in space. Unless you determine that Earth is apart of space and therefore it is. More specifically it is not on the planet Jupiter. It’s in Jupiter, Florida.  This historic little wonder was designed by Lt. George Meade who would go on to defeat General Robert E. Lee at the Battle of Gettysburg. It was finished in 1860 and is currently open to the public. It offers some positively wonderful views of the Atlantic Ocean.

That’s just a teeny, tiny snapshot of the literally more than five lighthouses in Florida. Have you got a favourite Floridian lighthouse?