Surf’s Up: Florida Surf Film Festival

On January 22, 2013 by Nelson Fernandez

THIS TIME TOMORROW a Taylor Steele film- Trailer from Sipping Jetstreams Media on Vimeo.

Ask any seasoned surfer about New Smyrna Beach and I bet you’ll get their attention. That’s just to name the most well-known Florida beach among professional surfers. But there are many other spots, of course, and surfing is certainly massive over there. It can’t be a coincidence that Kelly Slater – arguably the best surfer ever – was born in Cocoa Beach.

So, till when will the Sunshine State wait for its own surf film festival? Until next November, as it turns out.

The creation of Florida Surf Film Festival was announced last December at the Atlantic Center for the Arts. The festival will take place on November 15-16, 2013, at the same arts centre. ACA, as this nonprofit artists’ community and education facility is also know, is incidentally located in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. As we have established, this is the surfing Mecca of Florida East Coast.

“The Florida Surf Film Festival’s mission is to invigorate Florida surf culture through film appreciation and artistic expression, exhibiting contemporary films and coordinating a film, multi-media art and journalism workshop for emerging artists,” says the Florida Surf Film Festival’ s website.

The screening panel at the Florida Surf Festival will include filmmaker Ira Opper and ex-ASP surfer and writer Jamie Brisick. Cocoa Beach pioneer and innovative shaper, Matt Kechele – the man who brought skating style to surfing and Slater’s mentor -  will be part of the panel too.

“It is a true pleasure to have Matt “in the same room” again, his seasoned aesthetic and vision, judging what is a true art form in our sport,” said Florida Surf Film Festival director Kevin Miller.

The event to present the new Florida Film Festival was complete with the screening of This Time Tomorrow. A film by Taylor Steele, This Time Tomorrow follows the steps of surfers Dave Rastovich and Craig Anderson during the chase of an eight-day swell from Tahiti to Mexico to California to Alaska. Epic, fun and featuring stars such as Chris del Moro, Alex Grey and Kelly Slater, Steele’s film makes us salivate with anticipation. We are already looking forward to the festival!