Florida’s Freaky Friday is Back

On January 18, 2013 by Nelson Fernandez

freaky friday
Florida’s Freaky Friday brings you stories of naked men biting dogs and Satanists with a political conscience

Last time we published a Florida’s Freaky Friday post on our Florida Holidays Blog, we brought you stories of naked golfers, bears wrestling in someone’s garden and dead people getting traffic fines. In short, the bread and butter of the Sunshine State. Do you think things are less bizarre over there now? Wrong. Read on:

Freaky Friday #1: Man Bites Dog

An aphorism to describe those unusual stories that are worth reporting, “man bites dog” is a motto for journalists around the world. Unless they work in Miami. In that case that’s not a figurative term, but what they have to deal with. Literally. In fact, the situation is so common that if it doesn’t have a twist they don’t bother publishing it. In this incident in Little Haiti, Miami, 20-year-old Jeffery Delice chewed a rottweiler, not less. But it happens that he also was naked (is it really that hot over there?), then proceeded to bite the dog’s owner, and finally got shot twice.

“The person was naked, on the front porch choking his dog,” said police spokesman Napier Velazquez. “That’s when the resident shot him in the foot.”

Freaky Friday #2: Satanists to Support Florida’s Governor

There are times when we think that our leaders are “evil.” But, how demonic a politician has to be to be followed by Satanists? Ask, Rick Scott, governor of Florida, who has recently broaden his voters base.

Members of the Temple of Satan are planning to rally in support of Gov. Rick Scott at the steps of his office in Tallahassee, Florida, on January 25. More worryingly, this is not a PR stunt planned by Scott’s team, but a case of honest admiration by these Lucifer worshippers.

Reportedly, the rally is to show support for Scott’s signing of Senate Bill 98 authorising “district school boards to adopt resolutions that allow prayers” by students at school events.

Should Scott be concerned about his public image? Absolutely not. According to Lucien Graves, a spokesperson for the Satanic Temple, Satanists “are popularly demonized as a result of misunderstandings, intolerance and fear-mongering opportunism.” But Satan, as he puts it “has the compassion and wisdom of an angel.”