Florida’s top 5 burgers

On September 28, 2012 by Kennethrobinson

best burgers in Florida

image – Rok Brgr

The humble hamburger might originally have been a German invention, but it took the Americans to turn it into an art form. So if you like your burgers a bit more bespoke than those grey slabs available from your local high street fast-food chain, why not check out our quick guide to the top five burger joints in Florida.

1, Rok Brgr, Los Olas, Fort Lauderdale

It might sound like it was named by someone using text speak, but Rok Brgr gives you a hunger-satiating range of tasty treats. Chose from a 10lb Black Angus beef ‘D. Wade Burger’ stuffed full of Vermont cheddar, grilled jalapenos, chilli and sour cream; alternatively customise a burger from a beef, chicken, turkey or tuna base – even add a fried egg, truffle oil or foie gras if you are feeling utterly extravagant!

2, Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink, Miami

Tasting the masterful culinary creations of top chef Michael Schwartz is enough to get any mouth watering. Specialising in local, organic and seasonal foods, this is one of the places to be in Miami for top quality grub. Try the White Oak Pasture Grass-Fed Double Burger, with house smoked bacon and cheddar cheese, all washed down with a dazzling cocktail. This is where Miami glamour meets great, wholesome food at its hearty best.

3, Johnny’s Filling Station, South Orlando

Located on Michigan and Ferncreek in South Orlando, this is an unpretentious biker bar that whilst it might not offer the sophisticated restaurant ambience, can offer a damn good burger – and that is what this list is about after all. So for a bit of authentic American cuisine, this converted petrol station is definitely worth a visit. Dishing up freshly-made, super-succulent burgers, grilled to perfection with every conceivable extra you could reasonably request, this tasty location is sure to not disappoint.

4, The Blue Dot, Pensacola

This is less of a restaurant, and more of a local institution. A modest and unpromising appearance conceals some of the best burgers and buns you could hope to wrap your jaw around in the Pensacola vicinity. Wonderful burgers, and ribs too, this place doesn’t have a menu, they don’t need one, just tell them what you want on your burger and they’ll fix you up!

5, Le Tub, Hollywood (no, not the Hollywood… between Ft. Lauderdale and Miami)

Take a road trip to the delights of Le Tub, your Florida burger experience wouldn’t be complete without it. Sit out next to the Intracostal Waterway for a burger that is both down to earth and out of this world at one and the same time! Take your pick from the hand-scrawled menu and pack in a juicy 13 oz sirloin monster. Freshly made but worth the wait, these beasts have featured on the Oprah Winfrey show and were even voted the very best burgers in the whole US by GQ magazine!

If you beg to differ, if you think we’ve missed a crucial burger hotspot, or if you’ve got any suggestions of your own for great places to grab a burger in the sunshine state, we’d love to hear them! Drop us a line on our facebook with your top tips.