July 4th – Independence Day in Florida

On June 20, 2012 by Nelson Fernandez

Star Spangled Banner 1908-1919

Not many dates are so deeply rooted in the American psyche – or western culture, in general – than the Fourth of July. Whether we refer to it by the date July the 4th, or the actual event that Americans celebrate, Independence Day, the fact is that we can’t escape the iconography that surrounds this day. If we talk about
cultural products, we also find bucket loads of them labelled after the national day of the United States.

On top of my head I can remember a – rather forgettable – 1990s science fiction film about an alien invasion (Independence Day); a Pulitzer Price winning novel by Richard Ford (Independence Day); a Tom Cruise film in which he does speeches on a wheelchair (Born on the Fourth of July), and a song by indie rock darlings Galaxie 500 (4th of July)… I’m sure there is a million of them more.

Florida celebrates the 4th of July like there is no tomorrow with fireworks displays, parades, carnivals and parties of all sorts. If you are visiting Orlando in July, here is a guide of things to do that day if Martians don’t surround Earth with a fleet of flying saucers:

Magic Kingdom – “Disney’s Celebrate America! A Fourth of July Concert in the Sky.”

Epcot – “The Heartbeat of Freedom” finale to IllumiNations.

Celebration of Freedom, Winter Springs – An authentic all-American day for the whole family with hot dogs, live music and a firework display over Lake Jesup.

Fourth of July Lakefest Celebration, St. Cloud – Another community gathering with day-long activities that range from crafts to firework displays on Lakeshore Boulevard

If you too want to celebrate the day America declared independence from Britain in 1776, you can visit Florida with Kenwood Travel.