Laugh Like You’ve Never Laughed Before: Orlando Improv Festival

On January 21, 2012 by admin

Are you feeling the January blues? Want to see some fresh comedy that will really brighten up your day? Then make sure you visit the 3rd Annual Orlando Improv Festival at the Winter Park Playhouse from February 6 – 7 2012 and have a good ol’ heckle on us.

Welcome to the real world of comedy where actors come prepared to entertain audiences, without any script whatsoever. Improv really tests the skill and ability of a comedian and in my opinion, are the most enjoyable to watch as comedians always talk about the funniest and often the strangest things.

At one show, the comedian picked up on my friend’s sarcastic laugh and then miraculously creating a performance around his annoying laugh! The Orlando Improv Festival was created by Mark Baratelli, a seasoned improv artist who has performed in improv groups such as the SAK Comedy Club in Orlando.

But why should you attend an improv festival in Orlando of all places? Because this improv show received amazing reviews last year with performances from The WHOligans who created an act around the BBC hit show Dr Who. Even more, tickets are extremely cheap and are between $5 – $7 dollars per show.

This time in 2012, there are 10 local acts that will be performing over two nights. These will include The Random Processes and Hot McCartney who produced the most laughs last year as well as some new, promising acts like ‘Doctor Whose Line is it Anyway?’

This Improv Festival is part of the Orlando Arts Fest 2012 so why not experience some dance or theatrical productions as well?

What kind of comedy do you enjoy watching? Let us know your thoughts.