Livin’ La Vida Celebrity: Florida Villa Holidays

On January 26, 2012 by admin

Florida Celebritiy Villas

Celebrities… how I envy the fact that they can discover new, trendy accomodation to holiday in, which always look like they have emerged from a fictional book. Whenever I go on holiday, the sightseeing activities in the place are more important than where I stay. I figure that I am going to be out for most of the day so why does my living space have to be amazing?

So, if I am going to Florida, I go for the family fun in Orlando or the sun in Miami Beach. I would book a hotel anywhere as long as it was half decent and was close to all the activities. But, this year, I thought I would do things differently. Why shouldn’t the accommodation come first especially when Miami Beach has some unique luxury villas with character?

If you are looking to experience ultimate relaxation as soon as you walk through the door, the Zen Masterpiece Villa is the perfect place for those who appreciate art but could also make the perfect place for a hot shot director to film their next movie! With ceilings of 30 feet and a Jacuzzi that seats six, this villa also offers the perfect opportunity to holiday with friends during the summer. The whole villa evokes a calming sensation complete with indoor palm trees to truly whisk you away to your very own paradise.

As well as the peaceful and outstanding elegance, a Miami Beach villa also offers accommodation that gives you the ‘star’ treatment. This year, at Christmas, whilst on a Las Vegas Celebrity sightings tour, I saw loads of celebrity houses, one belonging to a Mr. Brand and Ms. Perry. But, would it not be amazing to live in that environment when on holiday rather than just admiring the view from afar?

At the Star Island villa in Miami Beach, you can get just that. This villa has already been used in movies and television shows and allows you to live near the stars when on your holiday. So you never know who you might meet if you just pop out for a bit of sightseeing! Its unique features include a maid and butler service, a Whitehouse style dining area and an outdoor Bahamian pool paradise.

Which has been the most amazing place you have lived in? Let us know.