Miami Marlins To Be Featured in “The Franchise” – A Baseball Big Brother?

On March 29, 2012 by Nelson Fernandez

Let’s assume you like baseball. If you do, you would probably follow the Major League Baseball (MLB) and you would be familiar with one of its top teams, the Miami Marlins.

Actually, even if you like this sport where men play with sticks and balls – a sort of cricket but with higher doses of bravado and testosterone – you might not have heard of the Miami team before, since it has always been called Florida Marlins.

The change of name coincides with the team having a new stadium, the New Marlins Ballpark. This megastructure, which has retractable roof and offers dramatic views of downtown Miami, will host the opening game of the 2012 MLB series on April 4 between the Cardinals and the Marlins. Surely a spectacular game that you could enjoy if you have booked a holiday to Miami.

But these are not the only changes related to the Marlins. The Miami team will be featured in The Franchise, a sports reality show by HBO’s Showtime.

“The Miami Marlins are thrilled to have been selected for this season’s taping of The Franchise,” said Marlins President, David Samson. “As we continue to sprint toward Opening Night and our new ballpark, we cannot think of a better way to share this season’s excitement – both on and off the field – than with Showtime and MLB Productions,” he added.

Is it going to be a sort of TV show with baseball players locked up in a house wearing sunglasses and talking unintelligible gibberish? Not quite.

The docu-series is meant to give us a behind the scenes glimpse of the lives of these players. In fact, the program started last year with another professional team, the San Francisco Giants. In that case, coaches, players and staff were tracked outside the pitch.

In this new series we will learn what baseball stars such as Hanley Ramirez, Josh Johnson, Mike Stanton or Jose Reyes are up to when they are not playing.

If we were to have an equivalent show in the UK it would be something like filming Premiere League top players outside their football clubs. Fortunately, we have tabloids that are already doing this job.