Movies Under the Sun – Miami International Film Festival

On January 12, 2012 by Nelson Fernandez

We are all familiar with the sun-kissed streets of Miami. We have seen them on screen. A city with flamboyant architecture and strong Latin presence is the ideal location for any film looking for an exotic and extravagant feeling within America – Where else could we imagine eccentrics like Tony Montana build their evil empire?

But Miami as not only a wicked movie location, it’s also as a cinema hub with one of the most exciting film festivals in America. The Miami International Film Festival (MIFF), to take place in March 2-11, has a ‘mission,’ a cultural manifesto that according to its organisation wants to ‘bridge cultural understanding, encourage artistic development and excellence and broaden horizons by provoking thought through film.’

If we look at this year’s scheduled films, we see that the ‘broaden horizons’ task has been taken seriously – at least in its geographical sense. Just check out the list of participant countries, including Argentina, Spain, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

The MIFF will also feature new artworks by heavy weights of the Latin American film industry like David Trueba and Carlos Sorin, authors of the acclaimed ‘Soldados de Salamina’ and ‘Bombon the dog’ respectively.

So if you are looking for a great Florida holiday and seeing refreshing new cinema, Miami is the place to go next March.