Food Festivals in Florida: Consider the Lobster?

On June 14, 2012 by Nelson Fernandez

Lobster Florida

As important for many in the United States as Christmas Day or Thanksgiving, National Lobster Day comes to celebrate this noble crustacean in the best imaginable way: eating it!

If you have ever come across David Foster Wallace’s Consider the lobster – an essay from the 1990s about the ethics of boiling a lobster alive in order to amplify the eater’s pleasure – you might not want to keep reading this article, let alone eating a lobster. Otherwise, be my guest.

New England, on the East Coast, is the focal point of lobster breed and consumption, and a fishing industry so strong that makes $1.8 billion in Maine alone. No wonder then where the events for the National Lobster Day will be more multitudinous.

However, a feast as good as this one ought to be celebrated everywhere and Floridians – never shy when it comes to epicurean demonstrations – will surely have a piece of it.

Indeed, the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando will feature lobster special menus on June 15th – you can have a traditional whole lobster at the Everglades Restaurant or a lobster ravioli at Cafe Gauguin. Fancy that?

Moreover, at The Palm in the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando, they celebrate this day all summer. They offer a pre-fixed menu that includes lobster bisque, surf and turf with six-ounce Nova Scotia lobster tails and twin Nova Scotia lobster tails with melted butter and lemon.

So, if you are in Orlando on June 15th, take a break from the theme parks and the sun and enjoy this national day. Consider the lobster? Consider the National Lobster Day…