New HSBC study reveals Orlando as a 2012 holiday home hotspot!

On September 25, 2012 by admin
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A recent HSBC study has found a gaping discrepancy between ‘the size of a property UK buyers can purchase on the same budget overseas,’ according to the Daily Mail. With a great exchange rate and low fees, Orlando has emerged as one of the holiday home hotspots of 2012.

Since peaking in mid-2006, before subsequently experiencing a steep downturn, Florida’s property market is now beginning to shore-up as prices and confidence rise concomitantly.

Responding to HSBC’s recent economic study, a spokesperson for Florida Holidays noted, ‘in light of growing consumer confidence and an exponentially improving economic atmosphere in the US, a holiday home is a very sensible investment opportunity.’

The spokesperson continued, saying, ‘the most sensible way for UK investors to truly grasp the US property market, as well as the standard of villas in Orlando, would be to physically visit the area.’ After the subprime mortgage crisis impacting on the global economy ‘it would be wise,’ the spokesperson continues, ‘to find the right real estate within budget.’

A spokesman for HSBC added that the pound is ‘keep[ing] pace with the more traditional safe haven of the U.S. dollar.’ Orlando has now emerged as a holiday home hotspot for 2012 as UK buyers have a relatively stable foundation to invest in Orlando where ‘foreign buyers get more for their cash,’ writes the Daily Mail.

Florida Holidays can provide UK investors with an exemplary Florida villa holiday. If you’re looking to buy into the Florida property market with an Orlando villa it would be prudent to first visit the area to examine quality, price and experience what makes Orlando a great holiday destination.