Playing it Cool in the Heat of Miami Beach

On July 6, 2012 by Kennethrobinson
Playing it Cool

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Take a dash of European glamour and blend it with the strong, sweet measure of all-American glitz and you have a good idea of what to expect from Miami’s very own Segafredo L’Originale. This combination gives you a heady mix as potent as any of the colourful cocktails served in this legendary bar.

The cocktail analogy is an appropriate one, because here at Florida’s very first Segafredo – they don’t call it L’Originale for nothing – discerning patrons can discover a unique mélange of international influences. What grew out of a taste for refined Italian coffee, the classical café culture and street-side sociability of Rome or Milan, takes on and takes in the finest elements of a timeless Parisian waypoint bar.

Segafredo drink

The spirit of the dérive is alive and well at L’Originale, with glamorous wanderers, flâneurs and promenaders drawn in by its vibrant lights and vivacious music like well dressed moths towards a neon flame.

Indeed, as the buzz and energy of the place spills out into the evening air, the point at which street begins and bar ends begins to fuse, there is a social intercourse of concourse and main course where the spaces of the side-dish and the sidewalk become one in a cool cocktail shaker of convivial conversation and casual, coquettish glances.

This splash of European street culture is expertly intermingled with the very best U.S. tradition of vibrant and energetic fun – joie d vivre with an American accent – along with of course the great service and confident charm that makes this country famous the world over. All of these flavours are thrown together with an invigorating dose of Florida sunshine by day, a light sprinkling of sparkling Miami stars by night. On a warm summer’s evening there is no more enlivening place to be.

Quench your thirst for extravagance with a cool cocktail; try any number of exotic combinations – how about a Choco-Nutella Martini, or perhaps a Caprese Swirl – basil, strawberry, balsamic vinegar and vanilla ice cream? It’s safe to say, that’s pretty much the only thing vanilla about this place – the jaw-dropping clientele provide delicious eye-candy in true South Beach style. Miami is rightly renowned for its beautiful people and Segafredo’s certainly measures up well, being no exception to this sexy rule.

Segafredo L'orginale Lincoln Road

As the cool socialites drape themselves decorously and languorously over the signature plush chairs, an ultra-stylish soundtrack trickles over the scene in a flow of sweet vibrations, carousing around and caressing your earlobes with a sensual slip of the vocalist’s tongue. With DJs every night this is a great place to party, and as other folks are laying down to sleep, they are laying down the very best in contemporary house and smooth lounge music until the hours become much smaller than the drinks.

Segafredo L'orginale Lincoln Road

If the night was made for loving, and for loving life in the company of friends and good music, then the evening is a great time to take a bite of something a little more substantial. With an excellent menu of light bites, from salads to sandwiches and tasteful tapas, this is the perfect place to grab a sophisticated snack before the evening grabs you, inviting you to seize, and squeeze, the night in true Segafredo style.

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