Spring Break Florida 2013

On May 29, 2012 by Kevin Forde
Spring Break Florida

Spring Break Panama Beach

Are you a fan of drunken college students, unending parties and lots of suntanned people showing off various parts of their anatomy for no good reason what-so-ever? If not, then you should probably avoid the following places in Florida around the Easter Holidays. On the other hand, if partying with inebriated college kids sounds like paradise then you better start planning for Spring Break  Florida right now.

Panama City

Panama City Beach likes to think of itself as something of a Spring Break Mecca. Luckily for those wishing to stay there, the hotels recognise this as well and so are happy to have all kinds of silly shenanigans go on within their finely furnished walls. You can expect a 24/7 party pretty much wherever you go.  This does mean 24/7 though, so if you’re too pooped to pop or too old to roll, then you know maybe it isn’t the place for you. Beach day parties go on all day and once the sun sets, well, they keep going.

South Beach, Miami

Panama City’s only real challenger to the title of “Top Spring Break Destination” is South Beach.  There’s all that excellent sand, serene cerulean waters and a whole heap of art deco just lying around waiting to be ignored, it is no surprise that the area has exploded in popularity in recent years. You can head to one of the more exclusive clubs or simply spend all night partying on one of the various open-air beach locations.

Daytona Beach

Perhaps not quite the draw it used to be, Daytona Beach still offers all kinds of excellent Spring Break related revellery. The Ocean Deck Beach club offers both excellent food and fabulous fun and its Ocean Deck Beach part is one of the major attractions for Spring Break fans. Razzle’s Nightclub has over 15,000 square feet of entertainment while the Oyster Pub is the no1 venue for sports fans.

For those looking for a more sedate time around Spring Break, place like St Augustine and Orlando all provide a less frenetic alternative to the drunken escapades on offer during the break that happens in Spring.