Stranded Florida Dolphin Checks in to Rehab

On January 27, 2012 by Jonathan Bright

Dolphin SeaWorld

They tried to make her to go to rehab and she said “Orlando!”

An Atlantic spotted dolphin found stranded near Panama City beach is the latest patient for the caring vets at SeaWorld.

Yesterday, the theme park’s Animal Rescue Team transported the poorly dolphin back to their Cetacean Rehabilitation Facility in Orlando. The SeaWorld team were more than happy to take her on as there was no space for her at nearby Gulf World Marine Park.

Thankfully, she is already on the mend. Vets said it was a good sign that on her arrival she managed to eat a half-pound of squid, which is a lot more than I manage to eat when I’m ill.

Over the last 45 years SeaWorld has been helping animals like her in need. In fact, in that time SeaWorld has managed to rescue a staggering 20,000 creatures.  She will now stay in the park with the other rescued dolphins for continued care and rehabilitation.

SeaWorld has been stalwart of the Orlando holiday scene for many years and remains just as popular today. The park has gone from strength to strength entertaining its visitors, each and every year more enthralling than the last.

This year is no different. In spring 2012 the park opens up its latest addition, the Turtle Trek, which follows the fascinating journey of the sea turtle and is accompanied by a never-before-seen, 3-D, 360-degree immersive cinema experience.

Meanwhile favourites like Shamu the killer whale, now pretty much ahousehold name around there, continue to amaze guests of all years, all year round.