Super Bowl, Then and Now

On March 28, 2013 by admin

Another season over and although we now have just under another whole year to wait until the next monumental clash of the titans, which will be Super Bowl XLVII on the 3rd of February 2013, most of us are still in the football spirit, being the tag-along Brits that we are. For this reason, it seemed appropriate to have a little look back on one of the more famous Super Bowl events, Super Bowl III to be precise; well known for being the first event to carry the name ‘Super Bowl,’ to see how times have changed.

It took place in 1969 in the legendary Miami Orange Bowl that is currently being replaced by the new Marlins Ballpark and as you can see in the video, its astounding how different things are now, especially in terms of advertising. Back then it was an event of enormous importance to all football fans, but nowadays, whilst still very important to those who love the sport its anticipated with equal, if not more, excitement by all of the big companies that we know so well. For a thirty second advert at half time you’d be looking to pay around $3.5 million, due to the millions of people that you can reach. Its known for many non football fans to tune in merely for the adverts as the companies always save their best campaigns for this fantastic event.

In contrast to the 1969 video, its amazing to see how events like this are celebrated today, for example check out the video of the half time show that the crowd were treated to:

Madonna, LMFAO, M.I.A., Cee Lo Green, and Nicki Minaj? A pretty intense shin-dig if you ask me.

As I said its unfortunate that the Orange Bowl is no longer with us, however the states are known for their extravagance when it comes to sport, as the half time show demonstrates perfectly, so the new Marlins Ballpark will definitely be worth a visit come March when its finished. With the prospect of that and the whole USA mood we’re all in, it sure looks like time to start booking this year’s Florida holiday.