The Best Places to Kiteboard in Florida

On June 22, 2012 by Kevin Forde

kiteboard in Florida

There are all kinds of different sea related sports to get your flippers into on a holiday in the Sunshine State.  You can go diving  in the Florida Keys or fishing in Destin, in fact, Florida is positively full of all kinds of wonderful seaside activities.  One for the more adventurous out there is kiteboarding.

Occasionally called kite surfing and often mistakenly taken for its more sedate sister sport windsurfing, it can be hard to get a handle on for those out of the loop, so what is kiteboarding exactly? Well, it involves a board and also some kind of aerodynamic device, which might be referred to as a kite. The surfer straps himself to his board and with the use of a controllable kite can propel him or herself into the air. So, if you are heading to the south-east of the US where are some of the best places to get your board on while kiteboarding in Florida.

Central Florida

Central Florida is full of all kinds of weird and wonderful places to get your surf on. Cocoa Beach is one of them. With plenty of flat water spots and some fabulous ocean waves, it is perfect for beginners to the  more expert beginner. Manatee Park is a good spot for the more advanced riders – although watch out for manatees, while Cherie Down Park is also a popular spot, though it can get a little busy.

Gulf Coast

The Gulf Coast is another popular destination for fans of the wet stuff and those who do make the trip here will be rewarded with a huge range of different kiting options. For beginners, the splendidly named Treasure Island or Pass-A-Grille Beach are two of the best places to test the waters for the first time.  The waves are small, though the area can occasionally get quite busy, so try not to ride during this period. It might not end well, for anyone involved. The more advanced riders should check out Skyway North or Skyway South, which offer more of a challenge.

Southern Florida

The southern tip of Florida tends to be sunny all year round – it isn’t called the Sunshine State for nothing – so it’s no surprise that  kiteboarders join tourists, semi-naked sun bathers and people with far too much money on their hands in enjoying the delights that Florida’s bottom has to offer. Not that it is encouraged everywhere. Pompano Beach has very specific instructions on where and when riders can surf (and those that do, should be experienced) while Crandon Park in the Miami area is also an experience rider only zone. Anne’s Beach  in the Florida Keys, with its calm clear cerulean waters is an excellent spot for budding kiters to take their first steps into the water.

Northeast Florida

With cold fronts in the winter bringing some strong northerly winds (and as a result some stronger waves) there are some great kiting locations in this particular region.  St Augustine has the likes of Matanzas Inlet and Porpoise Point while those looking for some top quality tuition on how to get started in the sport should check out First Coast Kiteboarding.  In Daytona, speed demons should head to Ormond Beach which allows beach driving of up to 10mph.