Dangerous Beauty: Florida’s Natural Wonder the Panther

On May 8, 2012 by admin

Look at them eyes… Mountain Lion, of which the Florida Panther is a sub-species

Florida is a land of sunshine, Disney, and Miami. But because of its incredibly blessed geographical position, it is also a land of stunning natural beauty: the beaches on the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico shores, yes, but also wonderfully green parks, forests and swamps. One of the latter is the famous Big Cypress Swamp, crucial for the health of its neighbour, the Everglades National Park. The swamp is some 730,000 acres large, and it is home to a very diverse flora and fauna community.

Such as?


Introducing the green-eyed beauty you probably won’t be excited to bump into in a dark alley: Puma concolor coryi, aka the Florida Panther. But of course the chance that you are going to bump into it are very slim: there are only about 100 Florida Panthers left in the wild, and they all seem to have chosen Southern Florida as their home. Back in the good old days of the real wilderness, Florida Panthers were all across southeastern United States, but this is no longer the case.

Today, Florida Panthers are an endangered species. They suffer from habitat loss and human encroachment on their traditional territories. But we humans never forget that they are proper carnivores: they eat meat and meat only, whether it’s a slow deer, a lost armadillo, or an unsuspecting alligator. Rabbits suffer from time to time too. It’s worth bearing in mind.

If you still want to give it a go, you can visit the Big Cypress Swamp while on your Florida escapes with Kenwood Travel and try your luck. Who knows, perhaps you will be the one to spot the Florida Panther without causing much harm to yourself, or to the Panther. Either way, it’s gonna be worth it.