The Florida Sunset Top 5

On August 16, 2012 by Kennethrobinson
Florida Sunset

A Florida Sunset Over Miami – Image: Marc Averette

A Florida sunset is one of the more romantic attractions to enjoy during your time there. They don’t call it the sunshine state for nothing. And sunsets in this charming corner of the world are really something special to behold. Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World and the other attractions are all well and good. But sometimes it’s nature that provides the real show-stopper, with a display to match even the most thrilling theme park. That’s why here at Florida Holidays we’ve decided to collect together a Florida Sunset Top 5. To give you sun-seekers a few tips on the best places to spot a spectacular sundown.

Florida has the advantage of a sumptuous smattering of sunset suited coastal communities. There are also beach-front dining establishments and delightful fishing towns aplenty. Of course deciding what makes a great sunset spot is far more complex than a top five list. The perfect Florida sunset isn’t really about where you are, it’s all about the moment. And of course, who you’re with. But still, we hope that our little list might give you some inspiration to go, seek out and soak up the sunset of your dreams…

Naples Pier – With great places to eat and drink you can satiate your appetite before heading down to the pier and filling up on the desert of a delicious Florida sunset. Creamy peaches, incandescent oranges and glittering golds are the chromatic flavours to savour in this dazzling display.

Key West – On the very southern tip of Florida this unique and luxuriant location is the ideal sunset spotting sanctuary. Historically home to artists, writers and scholars, not a few of whom were perhaps attracted to the poetic dusk of this picture-postcard part of Florida. The ideal place to watch the sunset is Mallory Square, in the north-west of the island. There are benches aplenty here to sit and gaze from, along with romantic al fresco dining and a nightly Sunset Celebration.

Clearwater – A Florida sunset mainstay, this popular and attractive Gulf Coast destination is packed with romantic waterside seats to settle in, sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Pier 60 has street performers, live music, even fire-eaters – if the weather is good, making this a fun and family friendly place to see the show. For a more sensual setting, reclining by the pool at the Hilton Clearwater Beach offers a luxurious vantage point.

St. Georges Island – A little more off the beaten track, this beautiful spot towards the north of the Gulf of Mexico is sometimes known as ‘The Forgotten Coast’. The bridge over to the Island carries you out in the direction of the setting sun. Chase it as it sinks into shimmering sea and arrive in time to pull up a pew at the Blue Parrot Café where, depending on the time of year, you can enjoy a lovely view of the sky as it waxes through its sanguine, fiery hues.

Cedar Key – Take up position on the pier, or at the Rusty Rim Pub for a great view. From their expansive outdoor seating area you can take in a wonderful waterscape and watch as the sunset melts into the blazing Florida sea. Tuck into a plate of oysters, as the last embers fade in the western sky.

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