The Land of Lego

On April 5, 2012 by Kevin Forde
Legoland Florida

Replica Treasure Island Hotel and Casino on display at the LegoLand Florida theme park

Florida has a lot of theme parks.  Mainly though all people hear about is Universal Studios and the ones associated with anthropomorphic mice in red pants (see previous post here, which in no way backs up my point).  There’s Gatorland which is something to do with gatorade, or maybe alligators, either way you can find out more here, then there’s Busch Gardens which offers wildlife and wild rides – the later definitely not involving the animals –  and finally we come to most fabulous of all theme related parks dealing in primary coloured rectangular bricks; Legoland.

This might have something to do with the fact that it just opened.

So for those of you who know nothing about the land of Lego and really want to know more you should definitely keep reading, if you don’t want to know more, you really shouldn’t have read this far.


Unlike the long gestation period which stymied Walt Disney World (which saw pool old Walt kicking the refrigerator before years before the park opened) Legoland came to life pretty damn quickly. It was announced January 2010 that Legoland theme park was going to open and less than two years later – October 15, 2011 –  their doors duly did so. If you’re looking for a regular Florida theme park related holiday you it’s ideal or even on your twin centre Florida holidays.


Legolandhas more than 50 rides and attractive attractions.  There’s the Island in the Sky ride which is a 150 foot rotating platform ride that offers panoramic views of the park, the steel roller-coaster Dragon and the Merlin’s Challenge which is a mini Himalaya flat ride. There’s also about 47 others, to list them all would make for a slightly more tedious read. The park itself is divided into  a number of different areas, such as LEGO Kingdoms, Duplo Village and Imagination Zone.


As if Florida wasn’t already full of enough theme parks and Lego related paraphernalia it’s getting its own water park, due to open on May 26 2012. Tickets for the park will be sold separately to the regular Legoland and will feature things such the Lego Wave Pool, which features both water and waves and the Splash Out aimed at a more adult following as it features body slides with a 60 foot drop.

So, there you go. Legoland is probably not going to knock Mickey and co off the top of the theme park perch but it might give a few others a run for their money, we’re looking at you Gatorland.