The Old South in the 21st Century

On December 20, 2011 by admin

When you arrive in Florida, be aware that you are not going to a cookie-cutter US state. You have entered a state that mixes a lot of things. If you are the type of traveller who takes being part of the culture seriously when you go on holiday, it is clear that you must educate yourself about the etiquette of Florida’s society. It is a complex social hierarchy which is lovely to learn about but difficult to master.

Attire: Dressing appropriately is the hallmark of Florida’s Southern society. Travellers should look at the nuances of how local Floridians dress. Despite the fact that Florida has many casual destinations to have fun in such as the Florida Keys, it is completely normal to see young women and men dressing conservatively at many places.

Giving back: People in Florida volunteer to good causes and this is particularly true of families located in social cities such as Miami, Tampa and Tallahassee. You could even inject a spot of ‘voluntourism’ where you go on holiday to volunteer in order to be part of Florida’s vibrant Southern community and society.

Language: One of the most fascinating facets of Florida’s society and how they interact is the usage of ‘Yes, Sir’ and ‘Yes, ma’am’. These are not signs of the old South only: they are very much a part of the Florida holidays of 2011 that you will encounter whether you are in Tampa or Jacksonville. It is a lovely touch on how to interact with people and something you should look at for if you are asking questions to locals. They will most likely respond in this manner, showing you complete respect.

Tip: Attire is probably the most obvious form of Florida etiquette. This is the one to follow with caution and with sprinkles of common sense. If you are not on the beach and you are in smaller quieter neighbourhoods, it is better to wear beach clothes which cover your whole body as opposed to beachwear. With an attention to detail such as this, your holiday in Florida will be filled with fun memories of how Florida’s etiquette and manners world works.