Literary Travel to Florida

On December 29, 2011 by admin

Coming to Florida on holiday just became more soulful and deep. Travel insiders have revealed in a new report that travellers are more interested in ‘literary travel holidays that recreate classic literary stories or routes. For Florida, it is therefore no surprise that many tourists go to the Ernest Hemingway home and museum located in Key West. This is the place to go if you are the type of traveller who loves to look beyond the surface at what you see. Travel insiders have noticed that literary travellers tend to be just a pair of people going away together such as two friends or a couple as well as people who like to travel alone.

Literary travel in Florida is exciting because of the Ernest Hemingway home and museum. It is said here he did some of his most exciting and prolific work, as well as living there for 9 years. There are interesting seven toed cats that still live there, said to be the descendants of Hemingway’s own cats. It is a quirky place to come and visit one of the key figures who shaped American literature and who to this day is respected and revered in Florida’s community for his contribution to literature and society.

In the home museum, you can see where Hemingway wrote and how he found inspiration for his works. This is the kind of place to come if you too are a budding writer or you work in the creative arts such as fashion because you will feel inspired to do what you love.  The great thing about the home is there are guided tours of the home where you can learn all kinds of stories about Hemingway and his writing process, which is why going on a literary holiday in Florida is so full of interesting stories and tidbits.

Tip: When you go to the Hemingway home, be respectful of the area and dress appropriately and wear shoes that do not leave marks easily to keep the home looking clean.