The Two Sides of Miami Beach, Florida

On June 4, 2012 by Kevin Forde
Florida, Miami Beach

Miami After Dark

Miami Beach Florida is more than just a collection of letters thrown together in a random fashion to create the appearance of a phrase. It is also a city, in Florida. Renowned for all kind of late night shenanigans, it is etched in the mind of those who’ve never been there as a sort of clothes-less wonderland, where the big, beautiful and 84 percent human come to drink, sunbathe and party. There is more to it than just tequila shots and sordid soirees though, although there is plenty of that too, there’s also day trips to take, tours too enjoy and souvenir shops to waste your money in.

During the day

Miami Beach boasts a host of the most wonderful amenities during the sun shiny hours. Far more than just beaches and bleached blondes, visitors can enjoy tours, cruises, watersports and all sorts of excellent adventures. Seafaring mammals among us can hitch a ride on the Miami City Tour, which includes a Bayside and Biscayne Cruise.  You’ll also get to visit the Port of Miami, Little Havana, the always picturesque South Beach Art Deco District. You also get to read with your ears, as a narrator guides you through each area of the city.

Not that the water is the only way to see Miami. For a thoroughly unique vantage point, you really have to take to the skies. The Miami Helicopter Tour involves both Miami and, in case you hadn’t guessed, canoes, er, helicopters. See Miami’s sand-powdered shoreline, stunning skyline and spectacular city sights from above in this 30, 45, or for the truly money-loaded, 60 minute tour.  It isn’t cheap, but then again neither are diamonds, or lots of things, really.

OK, so you’ve seen Miami from the sea and seen it from the sky, so it’s about time you had a look at the city from the ground. Once you’ve done that – it should really only take a matter of seconds – head on over to Jungle Island. Hang out with trees, birds, monkeys and excessive amounts of grass and wander around this lush tropical land of wonder. For the truly lazy visitor it even features a select free shuttle service which will drop you back at your hotel.

After Dark

Now for those looking to experience the flash, trendy late night spectacle that Miami has to offer, there’s plenty of guides that can show you such things, we’re here to offer one more. For those looking for the validation that comes with getting into a ridiculously exclusive club then look no further than South Beach. Nikki Beach Club is located under a host of lowly tropical palm trees and switches from being an excellent upscale restaurant during the day, to something of a superclub at night.

There’s also the equally exclusive places like Club Madonna and the acclaimed Cameo while for those looking for something a little different there is always club BED which as the name suggests features a club and some beds. Not that it’s just beds, it also features an Erotica Dinner Theatre and a host of a variety of an array of musical delights to awaken even the most laziest reveller from the deepest slumber.