A Quick Guide to Cheap Florida Holidays

On January 25, 2012 by Kevin Forde
Sunset in Florida

Sunset from the Floridian coastline

In case you haven’t noticed there’s something of a fiscal crisis affecting the world’s economies. America has just started to recover from some of its worst unemployment figures in years, Italy’s stability disappeared with Berlusconi and Greece has discovered that paying your public sector for 14 months of the year displays not just a poor understanding of the Agrarian Calender but also a terrible grasp of accountancy.  OK, so you might be unemployed and reading this through a window in a urine soaked alleyway but hey, you could still do with a holiday, right?

Of course you could, you’ll just have to be frugal about it. So, what you need is a guide to cheap holidays, preferably somewhere hot and maybe somewhere called Florida. Basically,  what you need is a cheap guide to Florida holidays. Well, it looks like it’s your lucky day. So, put down that bottle of wine and re-tie your rope belt because here it is, the all singing all punctuated guide to the thriftiest holiday locations in Florida.

Anna Maria Island

Most of Florida is filled with chain stores and Botox. One of the places that isn’t is Anna Maria Island. In fact, Subway is one of the only franchises which features along its beautific coastline. A magnificent 60 per cent of the land is pure open beach.  What’s more it is cheap. Somehow, this pretty little secret has managed to stay off the guides, maps and travel blogs (woops!) and thus retained its elegant charm.  So, if you do go there, please don’t tell anyone about it.

For more information check out the Anna Maria Chamber of Commmerce website.

St Augustine

Away from the tourist trail – well not that far away – you’ll find America’s oldest continually occupied city. With a population of 12, 975 it’s an area that’s seen some changes down the years and quite a few different owners. From the Spanish to the British to the Spanish (again) to the Americans it would be understandable if it had something of an identity crisis. In the 1960′s it also led the way in the Civil Rights Movement and unsurprisingly is full of historic landmarks. For more on St Augustine, read our places to visit guide here.


Another one of the major locations of Florida is the wonderful city of Jacksonville. Forget South Beach, Jacksonville is full of students, culture and life. It also happens to be the largest city in relation to total land area in the whole of the United States and is populated by some of the nation’s friendliest citizens.

Panama City

If you know, have been on, or are vaguely aware of Spring Break you’ve probably heard something about Panama City and its beach. The area is changing though and it’s not all about binge-drinking and acting far too young for you age. In 2006 it was even named as the best US city to invest in real estate by CNN’s Business 2.0 magazine.


Nestled in the relative quiet of Polk County between Tampa and Orlando, Lakeland is one of the hidden treasures of Florida. As you might imagine its principal pleasure are its lakes, all 38 of them. This preponderance for lakes means that people often refer to where they live with reference to their local water feature rather than their nearest street.