Top 5 Travel Accessories

On June 18, 2012 by admin

We modern travellers don’t know we’re born! In the old days the only travel accessories a globe trekker had were a suitcase, a good book and a rusty compass – how times have changed. Yes, if you’re embarking on a holiday this summer there is an overwhelming choice of nifty and clever products, gadgets and apps to ensure you are prepared for every holiday eventuality – from the ingenious to the downright bizarre! Here are our top 5 travel accessories:

1) The quick-drying Travel Towel

Travel Accessories

The travel product that will benefit anyone and everyone: whether you are going on a luxury beach holiday, having a romantic getaway or camping in the jungle, a towel that can dry you 8 times faster than a normal towel is always going to be handy. Gone are the days of the damp (and slightly smelly) towel at the bottom of your beach bag, this travel towel from the award winning Girls’ Travel Club comes in its own stylish antibacterial case. Absorbing up to 9 times its own weight in moisture and with a generous 100×124 cm to wrap you up, we think this travel towel wipes the floor with all the others! Visit for more information.

2) Solid Shampoo Bar

Travel Accessories

No more leaked shampoo bottles in your luggage – this ingenious travel accessory is an absolute must on your packing list. Made in the UK by Essentially Natural, these ethical, organic shampoo bars have been hand crafted using traditional methods in Lancashire and are 100% chemical free. Our favourite shampoo bar, the organic egg and lemon, is ideal for all hair types but especially good if  your roots tend to get greasy easily – it also contains vitamin E and essential oils to nourish from root to tip.  Compact, long-lasting and incredibly ethical, this product should be number 1 in your toiletries list. Visit for more information.

3) Dri-Store Bag

Travel Accessories

As travel accessories go, this is ultimate for keeping your valuables dry. There are so many things to see and do on holiday but whether you’re sunbathing on a beach or having fun at the theme parks there is always the risk that your phone and camera will get wet! These nifty Dri-Store Bags, available from SafariQuip,  are fully waterproof and made from  a strong but lightweight fabric. Ideal for storing damp clothes or leak-prone toilettries, the Dri-Store Bag has a  roll top seal so the bags can be compressed to take up the minimum amount of space in your beach bag. Of course they can also be used as a day bag and come in a range of sizes and colours. Take a ride on the log flume and you won’t have to worry about your valuables being damaged! Visit  for more information.

4) Queasy Beads

Travel Accessories

Florida’s coastline is ideal for sailing but bobbing around on the water trying to spot dolphins is an activity that could make you feel a little off-colour. Throw in a long flight and a lengthy car journey to Disney World and your holiday suddenly seems like a motion sickness accident waiting to happen.  Our next product, Queasy Beads, are clever acupressure bracelets that can relieve nausea and queasiness within 10-15 minutes. How do they work? These stylish bracelets stimulate acupressure points on your wrists which activate your central nervous system, sending signals to your brain to release neurotransmitters that block the chemicals that are making you feel nauseous! Visit for more information.

5) The GorillaPod

Travel Accessories

A holiday is the ideal time to take photographs but capturing the perfect shot can be tricky and often involves one member of the group having to play photographer. Taking great photos on a couples holiday can be even more challenging; you end up with individual shots of your partner, dodgy snaps taken by an obliging stranger or the inevitable photo taken at arm’s length. The GorillaPod – the world’s first flexible hands-free camera tripod – solves all photography problems! Lightweight and compact, the GorillaPod fits easily to any camera and can bend to any shape or form = genius! Visit for more information.