Florida is Perfect for Travellers With Disabilities

On December 19, 2011 by admin

Kids on the Beach at Cocoa Beach

Travellers with disabilities should know that the world is their oyster when it comes to going on exotic destinations to faraway places such as Florida. The Sunshine State is perfect for travellers with disabilities because it is packed with things to do that accommodate travellers with any kind of disability. Whether you want to go to an American football game in Jacksonville or you want to go shopping in Palm Beach, you will have a great time in Florida.

Look at the following destination which is disability-friendly for a Florida holiday that you will enjoy with friends, family or if you are travelling alone:


The majority of hotels in Miami accommodate visitors with disabilities by including ramps and special distress buttons. When you go to Miami, you are going somewhere that knows just about your needs beyond the typical features that you would normally see in a standard hotel. Miami\’s party scene also supports partygoers with disabilities. If you are travelling to the city with your friends, you can go out to the plush clubs and bars knowing that they accommodate exactly what you need. In particular, if you are a female traveller with disabilities, try visiting the salons and beauty bars of Miami. These are known for having the full set of perks for all patrons.


This is where you should come to do a spot of shopping and get serious bargains that you can take home with you to the UK. Jacksonville\’s shopping is great for travellers with disabilities because it is diverse, broad and the physical scenery accommodates them with features such as ramps.  Make Jacksonville your place to go by coming here on a day trip whether you are with your friends or family.

Tip: Travellers with disabilities should call their Florida hotels before leaving the UK for holiday to remind them of their specific needs during their stay.