Weather in Orlando – When to Go

On June 19, 2012 by Nelson Fernandez

Logically, there isn’t an easy answer for when to go to a place – it depends of what you are after. If we’re talking about the theme parks capital of the world, the weather in Orlando, Florida, might be a key factor in your decision. Whether you like crowds or not, or if your children are in school, are also important details to consider.

Orlando’s visitors are mainly families, so the fact that its peak season coincides with school holidays comes as a little surprise. From June to August you’ll find the highest temperatures of the year – between 23 C and 33 C – although this is also traditionally the wettest of the seasons. Besides these summer months, tourist peaks also occur around other major holidays throughout the year.

Once the summer is over, the number of tourists declines considerably. September is usually Orlando’s slowest month of the year, which means that you can find very good deals on hotels and flights. Here is, however, when the weather in Orlando gets a bit tricky. It will be hot – around 25 C – but September is in the middle of the hurricane season.

Then you get what’s called the shoulder season, a time that lasts from January to March. Although this period is not as hot as it is during the summer, temperatures are still around the comfortable 25 C. If you’re seeking a peaceful time at the theme parks, this is definitely the best time of the year to visit Orlando, with February as the quietest month and with the most pleasant weather in general.

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